Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens is a vibrant, playful children’s garden that enhances literature, the natural world, and the imagination.


Chasing Green

Chasing Green is run by a small but dedicated group whose goal is to share the simple message that ordinary people can positively impact our world in their everyday lives. Chasing Green will strive to present open, honest discussion on environmental issues. To the best of our ability we will: Encourage individuals to see the big picture of life on planet earth. Educate how each and every one of us can make a difference at home, work, school, etc



Since 1990, Earthfest's mission is to provide a joyful, annual, one-day free family festival in Sheboygan to promote community spirit and a healthy environment through music, art, education, lectures, stories, demonstrations and local foods.



ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Results are already adding up. Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved enough energy in 2009 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 30 million cars


Environmental Protection Agency

EPA leads the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts. The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people.


Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy works with eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Focus information, resources and financial incentives help to implement projects that otherwise would not be completed, or to complete projects sooner than scheduled. Its efforts help Wisconsin residents and businesses manage rising energy costs, promote in-state economic development, protect our environment and control the state's growing demand for electricity and natural gas.


Goodside Grocery

Goodside Grocery is a volunteer-run cooperative, focused on bringing healthy, locally-grown food to the Sheboygan community.


GrassWorks Inc.

GrassWorks is committed to caring for the environment through the farming and grazing methods used.


Green Energy Summit

To focus attention on the opportunities in renewable energy, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) has initiated an array of renewable energy activities, including renewable energy demonstration sites, offering workshops and training seminars to expand public awareness, encouraging the development and sharing of curriculum materials, and delivering specialized renewable energy training to meet the needs of Wisconsin


Guide to Home Energy Efficiency

The decision to cut down on home energy usage is one that more and more people are making for a variety of compelling reasons. Reducing the energy footprint of a home saves money on heating and cooling costs, and helps to create a more sustainable future for everyone by slowing the depletion of Earth’s natural resources. There is a lot to learn when it comes to taking on a more energy efficient lifestyle and it’s important to understand what energy efficiency means and why it matters. All of the resources listed here are full of accurate and trustworthy information about saving energy at home.


Maywood - Ellwood H. May Environmental Park

Ellwood H. May Environmental Park is a 135-acre site that is part of the City of Sheboygan park system. The park is open to the public, free of charge, year-round and is bursting with biodiversity, environmental education opportunities, outdoor recreation and hands-on experiences - all within the confines of an urban community.


Midwest Renewable Energy Association

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a non-profit 501(C)3 tax exempt organization founded in 1990. Our mission is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration.



NOURISH creates collaboration between local farmers and volunteers to share meals inspired by fresh, local ingredients with struggling families who deserve to eat well.


Old Plank Farm

Our mission is to provide Plymouth and surrounding communities with farm-fresh vegetables, eggs, and other local foods for seven months of the year, and to exist as a resource for customers to learn about and experience a healthy and sustainable living environment.


Reduce your Footprint

There are many simple ways to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet. Learn how to reduce your footprint in each consumption category-carbon, food, housing, and goods and services-but don't stop there. Amplify your impact by encouraging others to follow your lead. Engage your friends and community with local and global movements for social change, or start your own movement!


Sheboygan River Basin

The Sheboygan River Basin Partnership (SRBP) is a non-profit organization working to improve water quality and preserve our natural resources within the Sheboygan River Basin. Improving the health of our rivers and lakes is our goal. The SRBP is an alliance of conservation and environmental groups; local businesses; local, state and federal agency staff, and concerned individuals.


The Zero Waste Home

I have put my family on a waste diet for the past 12 months, analyzing whatever comes in contact with the bottom of our one home trash can and slowly trying to get it as close to zero waste as possible. In this past year, I have learned to shop, refuse (what is given to me), reduce, reuse, and recycle as little possible (for only such a small percentage of our trash is actually recycled) along with up and downs (boosts of self trash control esteem and let downs).


Wisconsin Local Food Network

The Wisconsin Local Food Network engages, connects, and empowers local, regional, and state organizations and individuals to build sustainable, equitable, and resilient food systems. Join their list serve to get the updates via email.